MEB Poy Ltd is the pioneer in the sector of Poy manufacturing in Bangladesh. It was incorporated as a public/private limited company in early nineties by, acquiring Acers of land at kalurghat in Chittagong and commence commercial operations in the same year. Now it is one the largest projectof the Country in Poy manufacturing.

Textile business is now booming among all other business in Bangladesh. It is really tough to do business by importing raw materials from other country. On this circumstance to support our forward linkage we have started POY section of our business since 2004.

Our main machine is imported from Germany and Auxiliary machineries and other equipment from the renowned companies of Europe/ Asia. Our raw materials are imported from Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, etc.

Our per day capacity is 20 to 22 MTs in case of Fine Denier and 25 to 27 MTs in case of Fine Denier. We produce the POY (pre oriented yarn) of following Denier/ Filament:

After the production our products end users is the DTY (Draw Texture Yarn) plant. The entire production of our POY plant used in our DTY plant (home consumption) as forward linkage.

Since we are new in this project and as we also got good response so for our better future we have some innovative plan. We are trying to expand our plant adding one new line of FDY/ Bright POY (12 to 15 tones capacity per day with existing POY production program).