We, Mohammed Elias Brothers POY Manufacturing Plant Limited and its secondary companies embarked this journey with our honorable founder Chairman and Managing Director being family business from 1956 ETD.

Former promoters Late Alhaj Ahmed Hossain, Chairman and Late Alhaj Mohammed Elias, Managing Director started their business entrepreneurship as whole sale and a member of international traders for different commodities like C.I Sheets, Cement, Rice, Wheat, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Copra, Chick Peas, Dun Peas, Rape Seeds, Cumin Seed, Skimmed Milk Powder, Dates, and Chemicals etc. These are essential and traditional commodities with establishment of business at Khatungonj, Chittagong, Bangladesh and served business activities over the country.

Former Chairman and Honorable Managing Director makes business legend to meet the demand and requirement of human need over the country with outmost honesty, sincerity along with feelings to save hard currency of the nation. To this context, we introduced and set up different industries like, Corrugated C.R. Sheet industry, Tank Terminal , Edible Oil Refinery, Water treatment Plant , Condensed Milk Project, Glass Sheet Plant, Paper and Board Mills, Soap Factory, Automation Bricks, Embroidery Project Including POY manufacturing industry and ongoing venture MNA Agro Products Limited and others at the requirement of the country with a motive and vision to contribute to Nation’s GDP as well as create better employment opportunities. The legacy set by our honorable chairman and Managing Director has now been carried forward by our second and third generation.

Mohammed Elias Brothers POY Manufacturing Plant Limited started its journey since year 1988 to meet the demand of Draw Texturized Yarn (DTY). Being first synthetic yarn manufacturing industry of Bangladesh with a Capacitate of 30MT/day (24/7) at execution of imported POY as raw material. At the time of incorporation of said project DTY products were required to meet the demand of hosiery, knit industry and synthetic fabric manufacturers. Afterwards, at growing stage of garments sector and gradual expansion of the market of different categories garments products at International market as well in Domestic market, the demand of POY production has created opportunity according to the situation and requirement. Similarly, in question to make availability of Pre-Oriented Yarn and saving hard foreign currency we set up backward linkage Pre-Oriented Yarn (POY) Plant in the year 2005 and started its production from 2006 at successful commissioning of capital machineries. The above two (02) established projects were equipped by imported machineries from Germany, Japan and India (U.K. collaborated) including development of Land and set up relevant infrastructure with a cost of over and above BDT 200.00 crore. Our finish product/outcome is recognized as best quality yarn and its market demand since introduced product in the market.

At establishment/set up of POY and DTY Manufacturing Plant our management invested and availed credit facilities over and above Lower 10 (ten) digit in local currency from scheduled bank and leasing companies towards import of capital machineries, Civil works, Land development and infrastructural set up . At present, we able to come down outstanding amount by maintaining repayment with regular production and marketing network amounting Higher 09 (nine) digit in local currency including working process finance with schedule banks and Non-banking financial bodies.

The named project is operated by the following director(s) from promoters:

1. Mr. Sydul Karim - Chairman
2. Mr. Rezaul Karim - Managing Director
3. Mr. Ashfaq Hossain – Director
4. Mr. Abrar Hossain-Director
5. Mr. Asrar Hossain -Director

To know about our operation and marketable product, we accommodate import of pet chips(textile grade) as raw materials. At processing to manufacture Pre-Oriented Yarn (POY) chips is only basic material at first stage, then ultimate finish product is Draw Texturized Yarn (DTY). This DTY are used in textile and hosiery industries, rope manufacturers, and knit fabricators as raw material within the country and abroad. Similarly, in major case DTY finished fabrics and threads are used for garments sector.

Being demand of synthetic yarn, the worldwide consumption and marketing of garments product China acquire first position and Bangladesh is in the second position. Due to economy labour, quality based finishing and favourable environment are helping Bangladesh to obtain such higher position in this arena. The output of garments product require more than 90% materials which are fabrics and threads.

In Bangladesh, all manufacturers total productions were meet 50%-60% of total demand of fabrics and threads in garment sector, knit manufacturers, Synthetic Fabricators, rope makers and other purposes of which a vacuum still lying in supply which clear to present good parameter for the importance of such type of industries.

Out of total only 06 (six) industries in Bangladesh, there are 05(five) named Industries excluding us over the country contributing to prepare POY and DTY.

1. Modern Poly Industry Limited, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
2. Super Synthetic Limited, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
3. Bengal Synthetic Fiber Limited, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
4. Beximco Synthetic Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
5. Kader Synthetic Fiber Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh.