Alhaj Mohammed Elias, The founder-Managing Director of MEB Group of Companies (Well-Known as Mohammed Elias Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd. is legendary in Private industrial and trading sector of the country.

Born on July 01, 1937 at Bakalia, Chittagong he got his junior education from N.M.C High School, Chandgaon, Chittagong. He could not proceed further in academic education as he had to share trading business with his elder brother Alhaj Ahmed Hossain, who later became founder Chairman of MEB Group of Companies.

Alhaj Mohammed Elias was a highly ambitious and farsighted man. He started his carrier as a small trader and by dint of his perseverance and intelligence he became one of the few top business magnates of the country within a short span of time. With active support and heartiest co-operation of his elder brother Alhaj Ahmed Hussain, he went on establishing industries one after another. He is pioneer industrialist who first dared to setup industries on manufacturing GP/CI Sheets, Glass Sheets and refining Soyabean Oil in the Private Sector. He also setup many other industries of whom MEB Paper and Board Mills, MEB Textile Mills, MEB Agro Dairy Products, MEB Bricks, MEB Tank Terminal, MEB Ship Breaking Yard, are notable. He was sole distributor of Uni-lever Products.

In this youth age, he played key roles in many dramas like “Nawab Sirajuddowla” “Shaheed Titumir, “Tipu Sultan,”Mir Kashem” Etc. He was a good sportsman and became champion many times in Badminton in the inter-district competition. He was a life Member of Rifle Club, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

He was an excellent guide to his sons and nephews in counselling how to manage industries well and with the blessings of their father / uncle, they are not only running the factories satisfactorily but also have set up many new projects.

He was very kind and friendly to his employees, common people and business communities. Whenever anybody approached him for any assistance, he tried to help him in all possible ways .Many schools colleges madrashas mosque and other religious institutions are still running with the help of Mohammed Elias brothers (Pvt) Ltd.

This great man of versatile genius breated his last on 29th April 1997 at 8.30 am and is now internal rest at Bare Kabarsthan, Noor Nagr, Bakalia, Chittagong.

May Allah Keep his eternal soul in peace.